The IDE (or Integrated Development Environment) has been written especially for Student Robotics. It is a web-based IDE which means all work needs to be done with an internet connection. This is a good thing, though: all of your code will be on our server so you don’t need to worry about losing your memory stick. (But please don’t lose it!)

To get to the IDE, there is a link in the menu above. You can also click here.


Within the IDE, the code you write is organised into projects, each of which can contain as many files or folders as you like. You can work on as many projects as you like, but you can only run the code from one project at a time your the robot.

To help you find things, the IDE also lets you search through the things it knows about.

Each project within the IDE is stored in a version control repository. This means that you can go back to how the project was yesterday, last week, or whenever you’d previously saved it.

The IDE is also the place where you can edit your team’s page on Student Robotics’ website.