Code Checking

Your code is checked automatically every time you click Export Project in the Projects tab. If you wish to check code before you export it, you can do so by clicking the Check Code button also on the Projects tab. If there are any errors with your code, the code checker will present a warning offering you the chance to view the errors.

The errors checking is done by running your code past a number of checkers, including pylint. The check will check all your imported modules, so if you’ve written your code across multiple files (and imported them appropriately) you only need to run the check against – the checking will find all the used files and check them too.

On the errors page, you will see a listing of all the files that have been checked and found to have errors in them. You can click on the name of each file to view it, or you can double-click on a particular error to be taken to the error’s location in the source.

The formatting of the errors is as follows:

line: [severity] message

So an error on the second line of a file, where you’ve used a variable without declaring it, such as:

import sr.robot

Would show up as:

2: [E] Undefined variable 'bacon'