Finding things in the IDE

Even when organised neatly into projects, it can sometimes be hard to remember exactly where a particular piece of code or comment is. To help with this, the IDE has a search function that can look through all of your code as well as file and project names.

Searches are done using the search page, which can be launched from the shortcuts menu.

An image of the tab-bar, with the shortcuts menu open and the
  Search option highlighted

Initially, the search page will just have some search controls. You can start a search using the button, or by pressing enter once you’ve typed a query.

An image of the search page, before a search has been started

Searches will look for the entire phrase, appearing exactly as typed, anywhere in the name of a project, a file or in the content of a file. Results will appear incrementally as they are found, and will be categorised by where they were found.

For example, the following search for “bacon” found a project, a file and several mentions inside files:

An image of samples search results,
  showing some from each category