Getting Code on the Robot

It is possible to plug the memory stick into your robot after it has been turned on. You can also pull the stick out of your robot while it's powered up, change the code and plug it back in. The new code should load and will run when you press the button.

To get the code onto your robot, you’ll need to use the a FAT‐formatted memory stick (the most common file system used on memory sticks and they usually come pre‐formatted), such as the one provided for you in your kit. The code is transferred from the IDE to the memory stick, and then the memory stick is plugged into the robot’s USB hub. You can follow these steps when you’ve got some code you’d like to run:

  1. On the Projects tab, click Export Project (or press Ctrl+E). This will check your code, then offer a file for download.
  2. Save the file ( to the root folder of the memory stick (as in F:\ or H:\ or whatever the drive letter is for you)
  3. Safely remove the memory stick
  4. Plug it into your robot’s USB hub

Now you can turn on your robot (or kit) and press the run button. Errors and the output of your print statements will be written to the log file. You can also view the log output live by connceting to your robot’s WiFi.

To re-run your program, simply remove the USB stick and plug it back in again. There's no need to restart the robot.