Keeping your kit up to date is very important. It enables us to deploy new features, as well as fix bugs.

Once you have downloaded the file you need, refer to the documentation on updating your brain board to apply the update.

Each update file is a complete upgrade. Each file contains the changes of those before it. If you need to jump up multiple versions, you can do so by using the latest file.

The following table outlines the updates which have been published.

Release Date Download Licences
2022.2.0 18 Apr 2022 Download 2022.2.0 Licences
2022.1.0 04 Feb 2022 Download 2022.1.0 Licences
2022.0.2 23 Nov 2021 Download 2022.0.2 Licences
2022.0.1 20 Nov 2021 Download 2022.0.1 Licences
2022.0.0 13 Nov 2021 Download 2022.0.0 Licences