Keeping your kit up to date is very important. It enables us to deploy new features, as well as fix bugs.

Once you have downloaded the file you need, refer to the documentation on updating your brain board to apply the update.

Each update file is a complete upgrade. Each file contains the changes of those before it. If you need to jump up multiple versions, you can do so by using the latest file.

2023.2.1 (07 Jan 2023)

Download 2023.2.1

  • Fixed issue in camera optimisation that caused JPEG corruption.

2023.2.0 (05 Jan 2023)

This version is no longer available.

  • Reworked underlying vision library to improve marker detection and distance calculation.
  • Added a display of last captured image in web UI.

2023.1.0 (01 Dec 2022)

Download 2023.1.0

  • Added dark theme and WiFi details to web interface.
  • Added terminal interface.
  • Updated axes for orientations.
  • Added frame argument to camera operations.
  • Added robot settings error file.
  • Added competitor port range (7000-8999) to firewall.
  • Updated C270 and B500 camera calibrations.
  • Fixed bug where stopping running code didn't work.
  • Python packages can now be installed onto the brain board using pip.

2023.0.0 (21 Oct 2022)

Download 2023.0.0

  • Initial release for SR2023.