Safety Regulations

To maintain safety at the competition, all robots at the event are required to pass the safety regulations that are listed below. Robots that do not comply to these rules will not be permitted to compete.

These regulations are intended to identify a base level of safety — the inspector will use their own judgement and common sense when assessing your robot, and your robot may be judged to be unsafe for reasons or features not listed here.

We recommend that you bear these regulations in mind during development too, although it’s not always possible to meet them while building and testing your robot.

The following procedure will be used when testing a robot:

  • Check that there is a battery installed in the robot.
  • Check that any additional power sources have already been authorised.
  • Check that the battery cable originally provided by Student Robotics is being used to connect the power board to the battery. If not, check that the replacement has suitable rating and quality.
  • Leaving the battery physically installed, unplug the deans connector.
  • Check the battery’s mounting holds the battery securely, and does not expose the battery to sharp edges.
  • Check that the battery’s casing is rigid, and strong – i.e. bubble wrap is not suitable.
  • Locate the large green power connector that connects the battery to the power board. In turn, give each of the wires that enter it a gentle tug. The cables must not move.
  • Check that there is not an excessive amount of unshielded wire protruding from the large green power connector.
  • Check that the cable between the large green power connector and the deans connector is not damaged. The sheath must not have any holes in etc.
  • Check that the cables between the power board and body of the battery do not pass through areas of the robot that could cause them to be damaged by moving mechanical parts.
  • Check that only the power board is connected to the battery (if the deans connector were currently connected).
  • Check that the power switch on the power board is easily accessible.
  • Check that all electronics are securely fixed to the robot.
  • Check for unreasonably sharp edges and dangerous moving parts.