Student Robotics robots are all programmed in Python 2.7; to program a robot, it is important that you have a basic understanding of Python.

There are a number of tutorials out there which might help you to learn to program in Python:

  • Our tutorial, called Python: A whirlwind tour. This was written especially for Student Robotics competitors, and explains the basics while trying not to overwhelm you.

  • The Official Tutorial – the good stuff starts at chapter 3, but you should at least skim the stuff before it; there is a lot there and it may be a little overwhelming.

  • A number of tutorials for beginners are linked to from here. Wikibooks Tutorial seems like a good one.

  • A number of tutorials for people that have programmed before are linked to from here. Google’s Python Class looks to be a good tutorial which has some lecture videos to go with it.

  • The Official Docs, for the version of python on the Odroid Brain Boards. We also host a copy of docs for the precise version (2.7.5) that it uses.