SR2012 Competition is live

The competition is currently in full flow in Southampton, and for those of you unable to attend, you can watch it live online at

Please be aware that due to licencing restrictions, there is no audio on the video, and that the video will be switched off overnight.

We hope you enjoy watching the live footage, and that you might be able to join us for the competition in 2013.

The SR Team

SR2012 Competition nearly here!

There is just over a week to go before the SR2012 Competition!

Just over six months ago, this year’s Student Robotics competitors were tasked with building fully autonomous robots to play this year’s game, “Pirate Plunder”. In this game, robots race to collect cube-shaped tokens scattered randomly in the middle of the arena. Depositing these tokens into the bucket that each team has at the start of the match brings more points. However, teams can steal each other’s buckets, which means teams will need to make some interesting strategical decisions.

The competition will be taking place in Building 40, Highfield Campus, University of Southampton and is a two day event starting on Saturday 14th April at 9:30 AM. In a change to previous years, matches will start towards the end of the first day, so be sure that you don’t miss out! There will of course be time to work on your robot on the Saturday morning.

In addition, all team members must bring along their ticket, obtainable once a Media Consent Form has been received by Student Robotics. More details can be found on the SR2012 Competition Page.

We look forward to seeing you all there, good luck with the competition and may the best robot win!

The SR Team

SR2012 off to a flying start

This academic year’s Student Robotics competition, SR2012, is now fully launched. 24 teams of young people are now working to create autonomous robots to compete in this year’s game: Pirate Plunder.

Pirate Plunder has considerably more scope for interesting robot activity than our previous games. Autonomous robots will be racing to collect cube-shaped tokens, and get them back to the bucket in their home zone. Robots can also steal each other’s buckets, leading to an variety of possible tactics. The full rules of the game can be found in our documentation pages.

We’ve revamped our API to be more powerful and work together with existing libraries more easily. Our new libkoki-based vision system allows our competitor’s robots to easily determine where they are in the arena.

We’ll be here throughout the year providing teams with support both in person and through the forums.

The SR Team