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How it works

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Kickstart is around mid-October to early November. We provide you your kit and go some basic exercises to teach you how to use it. We also introduce the game you'll be playing at the competition.

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Mentoring and Tech Days

After Kickstart, you won't be completely on your own. We match up volunteers to teams for mentoring. Throughout the year we also run several tech days. You bring your robot, we help you get it ready for the competition.

Prize giving ceremony at competition. Robots, awards and a presenter in an arena with competitors watching

The Competition

In the spring we host the annual Student Robotics competition. Teams put their robots to the test in a weekend of tinkering and matches. Successful teams advance into the knockout stages, and can go on to win prizes.

Jaw-dropping moments

After a year of working hard on their robots, teams compete in the annual Student Robotics competition. Two frenzied days of tinkering and matches gives every team their fair share of suspense, heartache and triumph.

Watch this video and see for yourself!

Valuable skills for young people

Student Robotics primes participants for good careers in engineering. Participants assemble a team, build a robot, and compete. All the while gaining valuable technical and soft skills to help their future careers.

Working as a team

For a team to succeed at Student Robotics, it needs to work together. For many participants, this is the first time they're in a team setting. This practical experience is invaluable for their future careers.

Writing real code

Without some serious code, even the most masterfully built robots can't do very much. With the help of our kit, teams will program their robot in Python to compete in the competition.

Building a robot

There's nothing quite like building something and bringing it to life. Using our kit, teams will build a fully autonomous robot. The best teams pour their imagination into the design and the look of their robots.

Want to compete?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join a team?

Teams usually consist of 4-6 students aged 16-19, plus an adult team-leader who is able to take responsibility for the competitors; usually a teacher. However, the team doesn't necessarily need to represent a school, any group of 16-19 year-olds, with a responsible adult, can enter.

How much does it cost?

Thanks to our sponsors, teams can enter the competition for free. Teams are loaned a Student Robotics kit, which we reclaim at the competition. While this kit includes the electronics to make the robot function, it does not include any motors, sensors or other materials to build the robot itself.

Teams' costs are typically split between transport to and from events and the materials for their robot. The latter is often around £75, though teams are often able to re-use components such as motors from year to year.

Do team supervisors need any technical skills?

No, team supervisors don't need any technical skills. Thanks to our volunteers, we try to give all of our teams mentors. We also have a Student Robotics Discord server, and we put on tech days to help teams tackle problems. Team supervisors only need to make sure teams get help from these channels when needed.

How much time does it take?

Kickstart and Tech Days are usually limited to one day each, while the competition takes a weekend. Aside from these, the amount of time invested is usually up to the team to decide. Many teams work on their robot in weekly after-school sessions, this varies with the academic year.

Where can I get support?

Teams can get support from various channels. We aim to provide as many teams with mentors as we can. For teams without mentors, there is always our Discord server.

Team supervisors who need support can contact us.