This documentation explains how to use the kit and the robot’s Python API. The information is spread across multiple sections:

  • The kit section will give you an overview of the physical kit that is provided to your team, how to connect to each board and what features they have.
  • The programming section talks through how to write code that interacts with all the boards.
  • The simulator section explains how to use the simulator for testing your code, exploring strategies as well as preparing for the virtual competition.
  • The rules section is important as it talks through the aim of this year’s game and what task you are trying to achieve.
  • Tutorials are a series of guides that will help you get started.

Within this documentation, you will come across a number of boxes like this:

# code example

These are pieces of example code that you can run on your robot.

From time to time, you may come across some warnings such as the following:

Never leave batteries unattended when they are in use or charging.

You should take note of these, they often contain important safety information.

You will also come across some blue boxes providing key bits of information, similar to the following:

Taking images while moving will cause them to be blurry, which will cause marker detection to fail. Try pausing movement while taking an image.

These contain useful tips that will help you when building your robot.