Image of the SR2024 arena rendered within the simulated environment

The simulator is used for the virtual competition and is a useful development tool, it allows you to become familiar with our API and to get started coding straight away even if you have yet to construct your robot. It could also be used to test out game strategies before applying them in real life.


Programming for the simulator is very similar to programming for your physical robot.

The simulator provides a subset of the sr.robot3 Robot API which is used on the physical robots. As a result code which is written for the simulator should largely work on your robot and vice-versa.

Getting started

In order to use the simulator you will need to install the simulator software and download the Student Robotics simulation. This is detailed in the section on Setting up the Simulator.

Once you’re set up, the page on Using the Simulator provides details on how to use the simulator software as well as get started on developing the code for your simulated robot.

Just as for programming your robot, we recommend that you use a code editor. A good code editor can provide you with features such as auto completion and syntax highlighting which will help you more easily write code. For suggestions of suitable editors, and how to set them up see the Code Editors section.

The Simulated Robot

The simulation contains a pre-built robot, constructed around a set of simulated kit components. The capabilities and limitations of this robot are detailed in the section on The Simulated Robot.