Brain Board

A photo of a brain board The Odroid U3+ Brain Board provided with your kit is what runs the code you write and controls the other peripheral boards.

Flashing SD card

In order to get access to the SD card, you will need to open up the case for the brain board. Pull the latch at the end of the case in order to hinge it open. The SD card is located on the underside of the board. Carefully open the Brain Board’s plastic case, grab the SD card with your fingers and simply pull it out of the slot.

To fully update your Brain Board’s software, or refresh it if you think it’s not working correctly, you can flash our SD card image onto the microSD card in your Brain Board.

To update the SD card, you’ll need to download our image from the updates page. The latest version is ``. The flashing procedure is identical to flashing Raspberry Pi images.


We recommend using etcher, as it’s simple to use, and available on Windows, macOS and Linux. If you’re familiar with Raspberry Pis or other similar boards and have flashed images before with a different tool, that will also work.

Etcher example

If you choose to use a tool other than Etcher, you may need to extract the srobo-robot-.img.xz to srobo-robot-.img. There are many tools available for this, e.g. 7-zip.


  1. Open Etcher and select the srobo-robot-.img.xz file you downloaded
  2. Select your SD card from the devices window
  3. Click ‘Flash!’
  4. When the flash is complete you should safely eject the SD card.
    Your computer may complain that the SD card is no longer readable, however this is expected as the data being written to the SD card is not in a format that either Windows or macOS can natively understand.