Robots 101 - Tech Days

Tech Days are opportunities for your team to spend a whole day working on your robot, with lots of help available. They’re also an opportunity to see how other teams are doing or get more direct help with your robot.

We provide a space for you to work in, with power and internet access, as well as volunteers able to help with the kits and hands-on guidance with your robot.

What to work on

Tech Days typically do not have a fixed set of activities. Instead, what you work on during the day is up to you. Some teams use Tech Days as an opportunity to generally work on their robot, while others focus on a specific task they want to achieve or get help with. You probably do want to have an idea of what you’d like to achieve before the day though!

Teams’ focus at Tech Days also varies with when the Tech Day falls within the competition year. Early on this might mean choosing the components, initial robot assembly or completing one of the Challenges. Later on this might mean integrating all the sensors & actuators into a fully working robot or finessing your robot’s interactions with the arena.

What to bring

Exactly what you should bring to each Tech Day varies by event and where the event is hosted, so you should always check the event page for details. That being said, in most cases you’ll want:

  • Your robot, no matter how many pieces it’s in and including any spare parts you have
  • A laptop with a USB-A port (don’t forget the charger)
  • Some hand-tools to work on your kit
  • Your Team Supervisor or another (non-competitor) responsible adult

Some venues may allow you to bring things like power tools and paint or glue, however not all will. Sometimes you may also need to bring a packed lunch. Always be sure to check the event pages for details.

How to attend

Tech Days are listed in the events calendar on our website. The event page for each one contain details of when & where they are, along with anything specific you’ll need for the day.

Your Team Supervisor can sign up for your team to attend as many as you like, however in cases where events are over-subscribed we will try to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to attend at least one Tech Day throughout the year.