Brain Board - Advanced

When connected to your Brain Board WiFi, it is possible to access the Brain Board via a terminal interface. The Brain Board is running Student Robotics OS, a purpose-built Linux distribution that does not have all of the conveniences of a usual Linux system.

Proceed at your own risk. We only provide limited support for these advanced features.

Please bear in mind the following:

  • Student Robotics does not guarantee support for the modification of the OS.
  • We may need you to upgrade the OS which will overwrite any changes.
  • Any modifications you make must be in line with the rules.
  • We reserve the right to inspect your Brain Board at any time.
  • Feel free to tinker. If you are stuck, ask in Discord, although we may be unable to help.

SSH Access

You can access the robot over SSH:

ssh robot@robot

Your SSH client will prompt you for a password, which is robot.

Terminal Interface

A terminal interface with similar functionality to the web interface is available as rtui.

$ rtui

Student Robotics OS

Available commands:
arena: Get or set the current arena
exit: Leave the terminal session.
help: Show available commands
kill: Kill running code
metadata: Show all robot metadata
mode: Get or set the current robot mode (COMP or DEV)
quit: Leave the terminal session.
restart: Restart running code
start: Trigger the virtual start button.
trigger: Trigger the virtual start button.
zone: Get or set the current zone

Some commands let you set data as well as get it:

  • arena B - Set the arena to B
  • mode COMP - Set the mode to COMP
  • zone 2 - Set the zone to 2