Discord Server

To assist with communications there’s a Discord server for communicating with blue-shirts, your team members and other teams.

If you do not wish to, or are unable to join Discord, you can still get support from as normal.


Invite links and entry passwords will be sent to team leaders which will ensure you’re added to the correct school / institution and team. Only team members should be given access. If you do not already have an account, you’ll be prompted to create one. You may of course use your existing account, but please make sure the profile picture and username are appropriate.

Once invited, you’ll only have access to a few channels, namely #welcome-and-rules and #welcome-<username> (with your username in). Before you can join, you must read the rules shown in the #welcome-and-rules channel, and enter the password for your team in your personal #welcome-<username> channel.


The server has a number of channels for specific conversation. Please try to keep channels on-topic, and move channels if the conversation tangents. Each channel has a topic at the top of the screen showing what it’s about.

Team channels

Along with the common channels, there are some channels visible only to members of your team.

team-ABC (where ABC is your TLA) is a channel only your team (and blue-shirts) can see. Here you can converse among your team, and get help from blue-shirts without giving away too much of your strategy. These channels should be considered your own, and can be used to discuss anything competition related for your team.

When asking for support, it’s best to ask in public rooms unless there’s a specific reason not to. This not only allows other teams who may be struggling with the same issue to benefit, but also allows them to contribute to a solution and discuss potential improvements.

If your school / institution has multiple teams (ABC2 etc), these will be separate channels (team-ABC1, team-ABC2 etc). Team leaders will be in all team channels relevant to their school / institution, however as competitors can only be in a single team, they’ll only be in a single team channel.

Voice channels

It may be beneficial to have a voice channel for your team, whether for communication within your team or easier support from Student Robotics.

If you’d like a voice channel for your team(s), please let us know either in Discord or by email. Only requests from a team supervisor will be honoured. Please note that for safeguarding purposes, blueshirts will only join voice calls when asked and can only be around whilst a responsible adult (team supervisor, parent) is also in the call. Team supervisors also be responsible for ensuring conduct in these rooms meets our rules.