The Student Robotics kit is lent, free of charge, to each team and consists of various modules designed by us along with some ancillary parts to allow easy use of the modules. All of the kit, except the wire, needs to be returned after the competition.

The Modules

We provide modules, known as ‘boards’, in each kit. These modules can be plugged together and as a whole form the basis for controlling your robot. The boards provided are as follows; more details can be found on their individual pages.

Ancillary Parts

As well as the boards the kit also contains the following items.

Part Qty Specification Notes
Battery Charger Supply 1 12V 5A, 5.5mmx2.5mm barrel For use with the battery charger
Battery Charger 1 iMAX B6 or HobbyKing E4 Documentation is available on charging the batteries using this
USB Hub 3 7-Port The hub does not require a power cable
USB Memory Stick 1    
USB A to B cable 3 Standard USB A to B connector For connecting the Arduino and USB hubs to the Brain Board
Micro USB cable 5 Standard USB A to Micro USB B For connecting the Power Board, Servo Board and Motor Boards to the Brain Board
Wire     An assortment of wire for connecting boards together
CamCon 10 CTB9400/2 connector
2 way, 7.5mm pitch, 12A
To connect 12V from the power board to the motor and servo boards (CPC CN12236)
MiniCamCon 7 CTB9200/2A connector
2 way, 5mm pitch, 12A
To connect motors to the motor boards, and to connect an external power switch (CPC CN02129)
MicroCamCon 1 CTB92HE/2 connector
2 way, 3.81mm pitch, 12A
To connect a 5V component to the power board or to connect an external start button (CPC CN11584)
USB Webcam 1 Either Logitech C500 or Logitech C270  
Battery (LiPo) 2 11.1V 2.2Ah Lithium Polymer Please read the documentation for storage and usage information
Battery Bag 1 LiPo Safe Bag (18×22cm) Batteries should always be stored in the battery bag
Screwdriver 1 2.5mm Slot Screwdriver