Brain Board LED API

This documentation refers to a feature which is only available on the physical robot kits.

The KCH board provides diagnostic information about the state of your robot through a collection of preconfigured and user-controllable LEDs. It is part of the Brain Board assembly and will be found attached to the top of the Raspberry Pi.

A number of the LEDs are controlled by the Robot’s Operating system, the description of these is provided on the Brain Board page. There are also three LEDs that you can control via the API.

The LEDs on the KCH can be accessed via the kch object:


The KCH board has three RGB (red/green/blue) LEDs: A, B and C.

The LEDs default to off, however once set they will hold their value even if your code exits. This is potentially useful to understand the current state of your code as it runs or the final state of the code afterwards.

Each of the LEDs can be set to one of 8 colours:

# Set LED A to red
robot.kch.leds[LED_A].colour = Colour.RED

# Set LED B to cyan
robot.kch.leds[LED_B].colour = Colour.CYAN

# Turn LED C off
robot.kch.leds[LED_C].colour = Colour.OFF

The available colours are:


Alternatively you can set the red, green and blue channels for a given LED separately:

# Turn on the blue segment of LED A
robot.kch.leds[LED_A].b = True

# Turn off the red segment of LED B
robot.kch.leds[LED_B].r = False

# Turn on the green segment of LED B
robot.kch.leds[LED_B].g = True