Available Python Libraries

Out of the box, Python 3.11 comes with a large number of built-in libraries (known as its standard library), useful for a variety of different tasks. All modules in the standard library are available to use, both on the robotics kit and simulator.

Additional Libraries

Python has a rich ecosystem of 3rd-party packages available for use outside the standard library, however these need to be installed manually. We’ve pre-selected a few useful libraries and made them available for use in your robot’s software.

If you wish to use a library that isn’t in the list, get in contact with us on Discord and have a chat with us about it.

Note that for local development in the simulator you will need to install the libraries yourself. Look at the guide on setting up the simulator to find out how to do this.

Robot Kit

The following python libraries are installed and available on the brain board:

Simulator differences

Generally we will try to keep the libraries available in the simulator the same as what is available on the physical robot. The list below outlines the differences.

  • debugpy is not available in the simulator
  • flask is not available in the simulator
  • opencv is not available in the simulator
  • sr-robot3 that comes with the simulator has the same API but is different to the one available on pypi