Sixth Formers & Power Tools: A talk by Sam Phippen

What happens when you take sixth formers, and let them loose with power tools? Sam Phippen tells us about his experiences with Student Robotics teams in his Bristol Ignite talk entitled Sixth Formers & Power Tools. Enjoy:

Student Robotics at 27C3

Robert Spanton, one of the founding members of Student Robotics, gave a talk about SR at 27C3. In the talk, Rob discusses the motivation behind SR, what SR is currently doing and is planning to do, and gives a technical overview of the hardware and software we provide.

A video of the talk is available directly from the CCC website, and Rob has made his slides available in PDF form on his blog.

27C3 was the 27th Chaos Communication Congress, held in Berlin from December 27 to December 30, and is one of the largest international hacker meetings.

The SR Team

Students' Welcome Doing

Doings are so called because we like to actually realise projects during our weekly get-togethers. In the coming days we’ve organised some introductory activities that are ideal for University Students who want to get involved in Student Robotics for the first time.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of previous experience or field of study - just bring some enthusiasm and an open mind and we’ll bring the cake!

During these doings we’ll present what Student Robotics is, some of the technologies we use and some of the projects that you can get involved in with a series of lightning talks. We’ll also head to a pub for dinner at some point during the evening.

University of Southampton
5pm - 10pm, Wednesday 20th October, Zepler Seminar Room 1. Straight across from reception in Building 59
Bristol University
5pm onwards, Wednesday 27th October, Merchant Venturers Building, Room 1.06. If you’re not sure where it is we’ll be in the foyer.

If you can’t come along at 5pm or are otherwise committed on Wednesday evenings you can still get involved! Get in touch and we’ll do our best to introduce you to SR and find out how you can get involved in SR projects.

See you there!

The SR Team