Southampton January Tech Day

  • Southampton University

Tech days are opportunities for teams to get help if they’re struggling with a technical issue, and is a controlled environment for students to make more progress on their robots. It’s also an opportunity to see how well they’re doing in comparison to other teams.

The Southampton tech days take advantage of the facilities of the University of Southampton, and usually involve a tour of the facilities.

We are also planning on setting up a mock arena for teams to try out their robots on carpet similar to that of the competition.


The location of our tech days are on a different campus to that of Kickstart, please check our map!


Time Info
09:00 Doors Open.
12:30 There will be a lunch break. Teams should bring their own lunches or get them from food vendors near the venues.
13:00 Lightning Talks, where teams will talk about their robots and what they plan on doing with them.
17:00 Finish.