Southampton Kickstart

  • Southampton University

Kickstart is the event which kicks off a competition year, where the game will be announced and robotics kits will be handed out to the teams.

If you are unable to attend Kickstart, please let us know so we can arrange another way to get you your kit.

We’ll have desktops available for students to use, however feel free to bring personal laptops if you prefer.


The Southampton kickstart is being held at the University of Southampton at:

EEE Building (32),
University of Southampton,
University Road,
SO17 1BJ

For public transport or driving instructions, see the University of Southampton’s information on getting to our campuses (scroll down to Highfield campus).

For parking and walking directions once you arrive, see the on-campus directions.


There are plenty of places to get food on and nearby campus see where to find food.


Time Info
10:00 Introductory presentation, where the game of SR2019 will be announced.
11:00 Team kits will be handed out, and teams will take part in activities to get them acquainted with their kits.
12:30 There will be a lunch break. Teams are expected to bring their own lunches or get them from food vendors near the venues.
17:00 Finish.