Southampton March Tech Day

  • Southampton University

Tech Days are opportunities for teams to spend a whole day working on their robot with lots of help available. They’re also an opportunity to see how other teams are doing or get more direct help with your robots.

We provide a space for you to work in, with power and internet access, as well as volunteers able to help you with your kits and hands-on guidance with your robots.

Please let us know by Friday 3rd March 2023 if you’d like to attend.

At the request of the venue:

  • any electrical equipment must be PAT tested,
  • paint may not be used, and
  • soldering irons may not be used

Please bring your laptops!


Once on the Boldrewood campus, follow the signs to Building 177 and then look for the signage for Student Robotics.

  • How to get to campus
  • On-campus directions (and parking)
  • There is a separate space on the ground floor where food may be consumed. Food is scarce in the Tech Day location, so we recommend either ordering food in or taking packed lunches.


Time Info
10:00 Doors Open.
12:30 There will be a lunch break. Teams should bring their own lunches or get them from food vendors near the venues.
17:00 Finish.