SR2012 off to a flying start

This academic year’s Student Robotics competition, SR2012, is now fully launched. 24 teams of young people are now working to create autonomous robots to compete in this year’s game: Pirate Plunder.

Pirate Plunder has considerably more scope for interesting robot activity than our previous games. Autonomous robots will be racing to collect cube-shaped tokens, and get them back to the bucket in their home zone. Robots can also steal each other’s buckets, leading to an variety of possible tactics. The full rules of the game can be found in our documentation pages.

We’ve revamped our API to be more powerful and work together with existing libraries more easily.
Our new libkoki-based vision system allows our competitor’s robots to easily determine where they are in the arena.

We’ll be here throughout the year providing teams with support both in person and through the forums.

The SR Team

SR2012 KickStart coming up

The annual Student Robotics KickStart is coming up this Saturday! It is with this event that SR2012 begins. Teams from around the country will be attending to meet other competitors, discover this year’s game, and learn about the challenges ahead of them.

Information for registered teams:

KickStart will be happening on Saturday the 24th of September — please aim to arrive at 10:00. We’ll be starting in Building 32 on the University of Southampton’s Highfield Campus, please see the campus map (pdf) and this street map, showing the location of the campus.
The day will finish at around 16:30, and we will be handing out kit then. This will include 2m aluminium L-sections, so please be sure you can transport them.

The schedule for the day is as follows:

  • 10:00 - Arrival
  • 10:30 - Introductory talk, introduction to the game etc
  • 11:00 - Mini-game and competition
  • 12:50 - Break for lunch
  • 14:00 - Talk: Mechanics
  • 14:30 - Talk: Electronics
  • 15:00 - Short break, with biscuits and tea
  • 15:20 - Talk: Software
  • 15:50 - Talk: Teamwork and organisation
  • 16:20 - Kit collection

We’ll be putting out signs indicating places to park on campus. Unfortunately, we cannot provide food — we recommend either bringing your own lunch or visiting one of the shops around and about the campus.

We very much hope to see you there!

The SR Team

The Competition Happened. It Was Awesome!

Student Robotics 2011 is over! After much hard work, hacking, and bodging, fifteen teams from thirteen UK schools across five counties, and two countries came together to pit their robotic creations in a titanic battle of wits.

Each team had to build a robot that could navigate a course littered with other robots and red beans cans which could be collected to gain points. Further points could be scored by completing sections of the course, and extra points were available to robots that made it over the ramp. The robots used a number of sensing mechanisms, from the provided vision system (which was impressively used for more than just looking forwards) to various implementations of distance sensors.

The day comprised a gruelling 32 match league stage provided seeding for the later knock-out stage that would determine the winners of Student Robotics 2011. Congratulations to all the competitors, whatever place achieved, we hope that you’ve all had fun & learnt something along the way.



Prize Team
1st Place Taunton’s College, Southampton
2nd Place Peter Symmond’s College, Winchester
3rd Place Mirfield Free Grammar, Huddersfield
Chairman’s Award Mirfield Free Grammar, Huddersfield
First Robot Movement Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School, Bristol
Online Presence Churcher’s College, Petersfield “Powered By Magic”

For full details on the awards, please see the rulebook.

Full results for all the matches are now available, as is the listing of the best scores of the day. Congratulations to the team from Bishop Wordsworth School for some impressively high scores, topping the list at 40 points in single match.


For the first time the competition received real-time coverage from a live video feed and a twitter stream. We were also covered in a piece in the Southern Daily Echo, and ECS News among other places. Images from the event are available in the sr2011 group on Flickr.

The SR Team