A New Motor Controller to get SR2014 Robots Dancing


A robot’s ability to move is strongly linked to its ability to amaze. Student Robotics is all about encouraging young people to build amazing robots, and so our volunteers work hard to deliver tools and guidance for getting robots moving. That’s why, for SR2014, we’re significantly improving the motor controllers that we provide to our teams.

The design and manufacture of the new motor controller has been lead by Richard Barlow. It builds upon our last 7 years of experience in developing robust electronics suitable for use in schools. Every one of SR2014’s 54 teams will receive two of our new USB motor controllers, each of which is capable of driving two DC motors.

With the growing size of Student Robotics, changing a single part of our kit is not a small undertaking. Yesterday evening, students from Headington School in Oxford along with several volunteers from the area, assisted Richard in assembling 180 plastic cases from laser-cut parts for our new stash of motor boards.

SR2014 is to be the largest Student Robotics undertaking so far, and our volunteers have been hard at work for the last few months preparing for its Kickstart, which is now less than two weeks away. On the 12th of October, 54 teams from the UK, France, and Germany will receive their challenge from Student Robotics. Along with this challenge, the teams will be provided with a set of electronic parts which will form the foundation of their robots. With this kit, and the hard work of our teams, we’re looking forwards to seeing some amazing things transpire at the SR2014 competition in April.