Student Robotics returns for SR2019

We’re excited to announce the 2019 Student Robotics competition!

After a year’s hiatus during which we’ve worked to ensure that Student Robotics will be more scalable and sustainable for the future, we’re excited to announce the continuation of the annual competition.

In order to allow the core team of volunteers to focus on delivering a high quality programme while requiring far fewer resources than before, this year’s competition will be slightly smaller than previous years. We expect to be able to increase the size of the competition again in the future.

As before, the competition cycle will start with a number of concurrent kickstart events at which the game will be announced and the kits handed out to teams.

This year kickstart will be on Saturday 10th November in two locations. One at the University of Southampton, and the second in London. The exact locations will be confirmed in the next couple of weeks, however the events will run from around 10am, and finish some time before 5pm.

The competition will culminate around April at the University of Southampton (exact dates will be announced at kickstart). Teams will spend two days finessing and testing their robots as they compete first through a league stage and then a seeded knockout stage.

Rising to the top of the knockout stages is not the only way to impress the judges though; prizes will be available in a number of other categories to be announced at kickstart.

If you would like a chance to compete in Student Robotics 2019, please fill in the entry form with the required information. All further emails about SR2019 will be sent to the address you provide there. Places will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, and the final date for applications will be 26th October.