The SR2021 Final League Session comes to a close

With the final 36 matches of the SR2021 League complete, team MAI from Gymnasium Markt Indersdorf head up the leaderboard. They have managed to knock the teams from Hills Road Sixth Form College out of the top spot. Of our rookie teams, teams WER and SPA are looking to be the ones to watch though we’ve seen amazing progress from all teams. With just an six point spread between the top nine teams the finals are definitely much too close to close call!

Module Ⅳ, which is final iteration of this years game, was played for the first time today. This module totally redesigned the arena, while keeping the same game mechanics, meaning teams have had to make some large changes to their strategy to ensure continued success. Our new larger arena includes more territories, moveable obstacles, and new kinds of territories worth varying points.

Now the league stage of the competition is over the Knockouts await. The knockout will consist of play-in matches to identify the top 16 teams followed by four rounds of single-elimination matches. Third place will be decided by a play-off between the teams which place second in their semi-final matches. Pairings are arranged such that the higher a team’s position in the league the easier their path to the final.

If you would like to catch up on any of the matches so far, our livestreams are available on YouTube:

We look forward to seeing you for the culmination of the SR2021 Competition next week!

Date Competition Stage
1st May 2021 Knockouts and Final