Meet The Team - Tom Wheal

This week we’ll be catching up with Tom, who is now an Electronics Consultant. Tom competed in SR2014 and SR2015 as a part of team PSC from Peter Symonds College and is now a volunteer.

Tom Wheal
Tom Wheal

How did you first get involved in (competing with) Student Robotics?

I was a competitor in Student robotics in 2014 and 2015, while I was at Peter Symonds College, Winchester (PSC). During both years I was involved with all aspects of the robot build, alongside running our social media accounts and moved on to lead the team in 2015. After starting at the University of Southampton, I volunteered to help out at the competition.

What do you do as a volunteer for Student Robotics?

​I currently mentor 2 teams helping them get the most out of Student Robotics. Alongside this, I help develop the current and future kit as a part of the Kit Team. You will likely find me at Southampton/Cambridge Tech Days and the competition, say hello if you see me!

What is your favourite part about volunteering for Student Robotics?

Seeing students achieve amazing things from engineering that they never thought was possible. Student robotics is the reason I ended up going into engineering, and I hope to help the next generation see that engineering really is for anyone and everyone!

What do you do for a living?

I currently work as an electronics consultant for The Technology Partnership (TTP), Europe’s leading technology and product development company. TTP works closely with its clients to create disruptive products based on advances in technology and engineering innovation. TTP’s technology lies behind many products and processes in areas as diverse as communications, digital printing, instrumentation, consumer & industrial products, biotechnology, medical devices, cleantech and security systems.

What life advice would you give to yourself aged 16-18 knowing what you know now?

Don’t be afraid to ask. Sometimes things are presented to you on a silver platter, this could be opportunities or knowledge, other times they are not. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and ask, the worst thing that can happen is they say no, and that isn’t something to be afraid of.

Student Robotics is 100% free to enter and provides exciting real world engineering challenges for students aged 16-19. If you’re interested in taking part you can find out more on our Compete page. If your organisation is interested in sponsoring Student Robotics you can find all the information on our Sponsor page or reach out direct to