Women in STEM Day - Competitor Spotlights

The Computer Science and Engineering fields have large gender imbalances, something we see in the demographics of our own competitors. This needs to be tackled and we’re working to encourage more women and non-binary individuals to get involved with engineering in our friendly and inclusive environment. This Women in STEM day, we are looking back at what a few of our competitors had to say about competing in Student Robotics 2022.

Pippa Gallard

Pippa, a Y12 student from Calday Grange Grammar School, switched schools for sixth form in order to study a wider range of STEM subjects. She studies Computer Science, Maths, and Electronics at A Level.

I was very excited at the opportunity of joining our school’s robotics club and for the chance to put my enthusiasm for coding and engineering into practice. I’ve always been enthusiastic to study and work in STEM fields but my participation in Student Robotics has really cemented my goal to study Computer Science or Mechatronics at University.

Gugu Matsoni

Gugu, a Y12 student from Eltham College, studies Art, Maths, and Physics at A Level. She plans to study Game Design at University.

I got involved with the Robotics club when my teacher promoted it at college. I’m the only girl in the team but have been fully involved in the design and engineering of our robot. Being involved has improved my problem solving skills and helped me to think outside of the box when tackling tricky problems. Taking part in Student Robotics has also helped me be more creative.

Deniz Yurtseven

Deniz, a Y12 student from Swakeleys School for Girls, studies Sociology, Economics, Business, and Computer Science.

Getting involved with the robotics club has resulted in me making new friends. We meet at least twice a week, making it a great social activity. My involvement in Student Robotics has increased my interest in Computer Science and I am now considering studying something like Computer Forensics at university.

Tamsin Howe

Tamsin, a Y12 student from The College of Richard Collyer, studies Computer Science, Maths, and Physics.

I’ve always loved computer science and saw the robotics club as an opportunity to apply my enthusiasm into something interesting. I’ve learned a lot about robots and seeing our robot actually do things is really exciting. I plan to study Computer Science at University.

Other Resources

Student Robotics is completely free to enter and provides exciting real world engineering challenges for students aged 16-19. If you’re interested in taking part, you can find out more on our Compete page. We rely on a team of talented volunteers to support the competition and kit development. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, you can find more information and sign up on our Volunteer page.