The stage is set for the SR2020 Knockouts

After two weekends and 48 matches, the league stage of the SR2020 Virtual Competition is complete, setting the stage for the knockouts and the grand final next weekend.

This weekend saw strong performances from a number of teams, including a number of firsts: Kenilworth Sixth Form collected 5 tokens into their scoring zone in one match and both Hills Road Sixth Form College’s second team and JAMDynamics stealing tokens from each others scoring zones.

Next weekend the teams will compete in the knockouts, which is the final test for the teams’ months of coding preparation. Once again the teams have a week to work on and improve their robots before the 10am BST deadline to submit their code ahead of the next set of matches.

The robots which perform best will make it through the Quarter-Finals to the Semi-Finals and then to the grand Final of Student Robotics 2020. It remains possible for any team to become the overall winners – while the league scores seed the knockouts, making progression easier for robots who scored well so far, all teams will compete in the first round of the knockouts.

As well as prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, teams are also competing for a number of other awards, including the Committee Award (given to the team that displays the most extraordinary ingenuity in their robot), and the Online Presence Award (for the team that is judged to have the best online presence). Full details of these awards and those for earlier stages of the competition are available in our rulebook

If you would like to catch up on any of the league matches from the last two weekends, they’re available on YouTube:

Date Competition Stage
Saturday 11th League Session 1
Sunday 12th League Session 2
Saturday 18th League Session 3
Sunday 19th League Session 4

We look forward to seeing you next Saturday, 25th July, for the continuation of the SR2020 Virtual Competition.