Registration opens for Student Robotics 2021

We’re excited to announce that registration for the 2021 season of Student Robotics is now open!

Unfortunately, we were unable to find a way to run a physical competition in a COVID safe way. Instead, following on from the success of our previous virtual competition, we will be running the competition in a simulated environment.

The competition cycle will start with a live streamed Kickstart event on 21st November at which the game will be announced and the simulator shown off to teams.

The competition, which will take on May 1st 2021, will see the robots compete through a league stage and a seeded knockout. As usual, the prizes will recognise not only the teams which come top in the knockouts, but also those who excel in other ways.

In addition to the main competiton we will be running monthly league sessions (starting in January) which will seed your position in the final knockout.

Details of the game and prizes will be revealed at Kickstart. Details of the Kickstart can be found on its event page and competition events will be published when they are available. We expect to confirm places before Kickstart.

If you would like a chance to compete in Student Robotics 2021, please fill in the entry form with the required information.

We look forward to seeing your teams!