SR2021 Game Announced

Student Robotics 2021 was Kickstarted today on our livestream. Peaking at just over a hundred concurrent viewers we welcomed teams from around the world, and it was great to see the competitors get familiar with the simulator.

Our game this year, Radars of the Lost Ark, challenges teams to score points by claiming territories using radios. Teams must navigate the arena scanning for tower transmissions and sending their own transmissions back to claim territories. Teams are awarded points at the end of the match for the maximum extent of their territory at any one time. Full details, including the prizes available this year, are available in the rulebook.

As this competition year doesn’t feature a physical competition event, the structure of the competition has changed. The league matches will take place on four weekends through the year. After each league session the game will gain additional modules that will present new and different challenges to the competitors. The competition will culminate on May 1st 2021 with a the knockouts and grand final.

This year’s teams have already been strategising their approach, and we can’t wait to see their progress over the year!

If you weren’t able to attend Kickstart this year, or would like a recap, you can:

  • watch our livestream where we explain the game and how this year’s competition will work.
  • download the presentation in which we explain this year’s game and how the competition is running this year.
  • download the microgames which are small activities designed to let you become familiar with the Student Robotics simulator.

We look forward to seeing you at the first league session, in January.