SR2017 Arena Documentation Feedback

Display Assembly

Peter, who was involved in the display assembly, provided the following feedback:

  • Add a roll of black insulating tape to the materials, for cable tidying.
  • Add a second screwdriver to the equipment, to allow two people to be assembly simultaneously.
  • Provide both PZ2 and PZ1 screwdrivers. Only a PZ2 screwdriver was provided in SR2017 and some of the screws turned out to have PZ1 heads.
  • Address labels were not required as the RPi name and last few MAC octets were written on the cardboard sled.
  • The RPis have been left on their sleds, so are ready to deploy immediately.
  • The display mounts always have missing/incorrect screws, so make sure that we have spares available in the materials. According to the VESA FDMI spec for 75x75 and 100x100 mounts, we need M4x10mm screws (ideally with PZ2 pan head).
  • When assembling the unicol stands, make sure that the three holes in the poles are at the top on the stands for the large displays and on the bottom for the small displays.
  • Ensure that the pole mounts for the small screens are mounted in the orientation that allows the screen to be pivoted side-to-side, rather than up/down. This stops them from drooping during the competition. For the mounts that we have used previously, this is achieved by orienting the bracket on the monitor as an 'I' rather than an 'H'.
  • Some of the SR screens may be missing IEC mains leads. Either check/rectify this or ensure there's a few spares in the materials.


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