Kit data for couriers:

  • Dimensions: 48cm x 39cm x 20cm
  • Weight: 6kg (A kit weighs approx. 4.95kg; 6kg gives some headroom)
  • Value (for insurance): £500
  • Batteries: Lithium Ion. Packed with equipment. Batteries less than 100Wh.

In all circumstances a shipment of a kit must have at least £500 worth of insurance.

Note that the above package details are repeated in the loan extension instructions in return-shipping-pack.git and therefore should be updated there when the details change.

DPD Local

We have used Interlink in the past to ship kits. Interlink were bought by DPD and rebranded to "DPD Local" in 2017.

We were unable to send LiPo batteries via DPD Local when preparing for SR2022, as the majority of our batteries (any batteries not manufactured by Overlander) do not have the appropriate certifications.


UPS are willing to ship our kits, including LiPos. However, this is very expensive when using the consumer services.

For SR2022, we shipped kits via the UPS Business account of a friendly company, herein referred to as S5-UPS.

Additional Packing Requirements for UPS

  • Lithium Polymer batteries must be individually packaged and sealed
  • This is to prevent shorts.
  • The batteries do not need to be in a LiPo bag, although we would strongly recommend that they are.
  • A LiPo warning sticker must be affixed to the outside of the box.
  • The LiPos must be secured such that they will not move during shipping.
  • The box must be flat-sided and "square" to qualify for low shipping rates

Additional Packing Requirements for S5-UPS

  • LiPos must be individually inside jiffy bags, then inside the LiPo bag.
  • LiPo are manually checked before shipping
  • S5-UPS kindly provided LiPo warning stickers for SR2022
  • Boxes must be unsealed so that the contents can be checked before shipping.
  • SR part code must be clearly printed on the box, ideally with a 2D barcode available to scan.
  • Addresses must be provided in CSV format, with the SR part code of each box and the destination.


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