Overnight Battery Loan

Teams often request a battery and charger for use overnight to test their robots.

Obtaining batteries

Batteries and chargers should be collected from helpdesk by teams. Teams should be given a charger, a battery bag, and 2 batteries (including the battery they already have).

The teams TLA, and the part codes of the batteries and changer should be recorded on the Overnight battery loan form.

At the end of the day on Saturday, Roving Helpers should search all pits for batteries. All batteries will be stored securely in LiPo bags overnight.

Returning batteries

Batteries should be returned to reception on Sunday when teams enter the venue. The list of teams who took batteries overnight should be used to confirm which teams bring them back.

On Sunday Morning, the Head Helpdesker is responsible for checking that all loaned batteries and chargers were handed in by teams.