Communication Platforms


Slack is a realtime messaging platform which allows for synchronous discussion in channels and threads.

We use it for discussion, though (due to the nature of the platform) it has limitations in this regard.

We occasionally announce things via Slack, however anything important will also be sent via email.

You can join our Slack by filling in this google form.

Mailshots (via MailChimp)

We have a general platform for emailing both volunteers and teams in a one-way fashion. This is used primarily for important communications where responses can happen via another format (for example call for volunteers for an event, with responses via a Google Form).

An archive of these emails exists in the volunteer-emails repo, along with information on how to send emails.

Mailing lists

We have some Google Groups mailing lists which are used for higher latency discussion and for general announcements.


While not strictly a communication platform, considerable discussion about things we're working on happens in issues on GitHub. This is the case for our tasks list as well as in issues and pull requests in other repositories.