This information on packaging of kits and kit parts is for internal use only. The Kit Team will use this information to instruct volunteers and third parties as necessary.

Packaging Info

  • Kits should generally be shipped in the white 18l Really Useful Box (RUB).
  • The 18L RUB may also need to be packed in an appropriately sized double-walled cardboard box. Any space between the RUB and the cardboard box should be packed with an appropriate paper-based filler material.
  • All parts of the kit should be suitably protected either in Jiffy bags or bubble wrap. The Return Shipping Pack includes a new set of jiffy bags.
  • Batteries must be placed individually inside a small jiffy bags and the jiffy bags placed inside the charging bag.
  • In general no more than two batteries should be shipped in each RUB (to ease shipping restrictions).
  • Damaged batteries must not be shipped.
  • Any empty space in the box should be filled with paper or bubble wrap. No packing peanuts; They're messy. The Return Shipping Pack includes sufficient paper.
  • If not in a cardboard box, the RUB should be sealed with cable ties and, if available high quality tape over the handles (not sellotape or insulating tape). The Return Shipping Pack includes cables ties, but no tape (as it's difficult to obtain a tiny roll of high quality tape).

Return Shipping Pack

When teams have to return a kit to us we provide them with a return shipping pack. This kit contains the following:

Item Quantity URL Notes
575x700mm polythene bag 1 UK Packaging ref 08220
160x4.8mm cable tie 5 Cableties Online Two per handle. One spare.
112x80mm caution lithium ion battery label 1 Limpet Labels
A6 plain document wallet 2 UK Packaging ref 10008 One to use for address label. One spare.
750mm wide kraft paper 2m UK Packaging ref 11042
120x215mm (internal) gold jiffy bag 4 UK Packaging ref 09033
170x245mm (internal) white jiffy bag 4 UK Packaging ref 09312
220x320mm (internal) white jiffy bag 1 UK Packaging ref 09314 To put the whole return shipping pack into.
Return shipping pack instructions 1 Revision SR2017-2
Kit list 1 Kit Definition Only included in return shipping packs handed out at the end of the competition. Remove 'disclaimer' and the wire from the list.

Instruction Notes

  1. Check all parts are present (use list provided and notify Student Robotics of any missing items).
  2. Place parts into jiffy bags (do not seal unless specified):
  3. Large white [photo of four bags with the parts in front]:
    1. 1x tablet
    2. 1x battery charger
    3. 1x battery charger power supply, 1x webcam, 1x tablet charger
    4. 1x power board, 1x servo board
  4. Small brown [photo of four bags with the parts in front]:
    1. 2x batteries
    2. 2x motor boards, 1x Ruggeduino with screw shields plugged in
    3. 2x USB hubs, 1x brain board
    4. Remaining loose items: WiFi dongles, usb memory stick, camcons (7.5, 5 and 3.81mm), screwdriver, brain board power cable. seal.
  5. Place jiffy bag containing the batteries into the battery charging bag [photo of jiffy bag partially in charging bag]
  6. Tear the brown paper into two equally sized pieces
  7. Scrunch up one piece of brown paper and place in the bottom of the RUB [photo of scrunched up paper in the bottom of RUB]
  8. Place battery charging bag, jiffy bags and all cables (full size USB, micro USB and any wire) into the RUB [photo of stuff in RUB]
  9. Scrunch up the other piece of brown paper and place on top of the stuff [photo of scrunched up paper on top]
  10. Fit the lid onto the RUB and seal handles with four cable ties (do not cut the cable ties as the sharp corners could tear the bag) [photo of cable tie being threaded through, photo of loose cable tie, photo of complete handle demonstrating tail direction]
  11. Place the sealed RUB into the bag [photo of RUB partially in the bag]
  12. Seal the bag closed [photo of the sealed bag highlighting it being tight]
  13. Stick the LiPo sticker onto the bag
  14. Place the supplied shipping label into the document wallet and stick the document wallet onto the bag (don't forget to remove the narrow backing strip too) [photo of Lipo sticker and shipping label in document wallet].
  15. Hand the package to reception/who ever it will be collected from.
  16. Notify Student Robotics that the kit is ready for collection.


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