Anything related to judging goes here.


Here is a description of the roles related to judging.


Responsible for making the final word on any decision relating to teams in a game.

⚠️ Any decisions related to health and safety must not be made by the judge and instead must get passed on to the Health and Safety Coordinator.

The first priority of the judge is to be fair and consistent. Where possible we do want to encourage creativity from teams and enable them to complete. That said, as judge you need to be prepared to make hard decisions, such as ruling that a team has been knocked out during the knockouts.

As judge you MUST have thoroughly read and understood the rules.

When delivering judgements you should talk to teams face to face, rather than delegating that. It's natural that a team might be upset by a ruling so you need to be empathetic in how you tell the team.

You should ensure you are stationed near the arena as you will need to respond promptly to calls for rulings from the match marshals.


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