Tinker Time

Tinker Time is time allocated in the schedule to allow teams to test their robot in the arena outside of a match.

During Tinker Time up to 3 members of a team may enter the arena.

To book Tinker Time teams must find the Tinker Time Coordinator, stationed by a whiteboard near the staging area, who will allocate teams slots based on what's available.

Each 'slot' will last 10 minutes, 4 teams can be in the arena at once (one in each corner), robots must enter the arena through staging. For SR2019, where we have a scaffold-based arena, during Tinker Time the second door will be opened and non-robot-carrying competitors may enter and exit through here.

Tinker Time starts directly after the welcome talk, however this means some teams will not be safety tested yet. If a team does not have a High Vis the Badgers in staging should contact the Health and Safety coordinator to see if there is a reason a team is missing it. If the reason is that the robot has yet to be tested, then the Badgers can make a judgement on the safety of the robot erring on the side of caution. If a team is rejected by a Badger they must get approval from the Health and Safety coordinator before entering the arena.

On Saturday teams can book a limited number of slots directly after the welcome talk. On the Sunday teams can find the Tinker Time Coordinator and book a slot if one is available.