The photo studio is on level 3, behind the helpdesk. We usually take photos of teams and send them to teams as a memento after the competition.

Photo studio photographer

The role of the photo studio photographer is to take photos of teams.

You should have:

  • A camera on a tripod
  • A table for the robot
  • A logging sheet to annotate what photos go to what team
  • A set of photo flashes
  • A photo backdrop

Take many photos, and make sure the photos are in focus and correctly framed before dismissing the team.

Take photos of:

  • The team holding their TLA on a whiteboard/paper
  • The team posing with their robot
  • Optionally The robot by itself

It's important to remember which teams have their photos taken, do this by doing both of the following:

  • For each team, write down the ID of the first photo taken.
  • Take a photo of a piece of paper or whiteboard with the team's TLA (Three Letter Acronym) before each set of team photos.

Photo studio assistant

The assistant's job is assist the studio photographer, and to fetch teams to be photographed by the Photo studio manager. It's almost guaranteed that not all teams will want to be photographed immediately, it doesn't matter what the order is, but all teams must eventually be photographed!

You should have:

  • A clipboard with a checklist of teams.
  • A map of the venue.