Kickstart Event Review Process

After a kickstart event has completed, and the dust has settled, it is time to perform a review of how it went. The following process is performed to complete this review:

  1. The questionnaire described below is completed by the Kickstart Events Coordinator (KEC).
  2. The KEC's response is reviewed by the Competition Programme Coordinator. This may involve some conversation with the KEC, and potentially other parties.
  3. A report is produced as described below. This indicates how the event went, and recommends a set of changes to the processes that were followed to deliver the kickstart events.

KEC Review Questionnaire

  1. What were your objectives for the kickstart event?
  2. Do you feel that these objectives were successfully met?
  3. What problems did you encounter in achieving these objectives?
  4. Did you solve those problems, and if so, how?
  5. What changes would you put in place in future to avoid those problems?
  6. Did you find that the information you needed to fulfil your objectives was readily available to you? If not, please go into specifics.
  7. Were there any new initiatives that you tried that you felt were particularly successful?
  8. Are there any changes you would make to the way that future kickstart events are organised, other than those you've already described above.


This report will be sent to trustees, and the competition programme team. This report must be stored for future reference.

  • A brief summary of how the event went.
  • Recommendations of changes to processes that should be made, split into the following categories:
    • Those that would require the trustees to adjust the ops manual
    • A category for each of the competition programme coordinator's subordinates
    • Those that just affect the competition programme coordinator


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