Event organisation

This checklist provides a starting point for the tasks that need to be completed to run a generic event.


In general we should prefer to share as much (confirmed) information with attendees as early as possible. For example: announcing a firm date early and then confirming a venue later is preferable to holding back date information.

Schools typically need at least a month (often more) in order to book events outside the timetable and especially excursion away from school. This should be considered when planning events.


  • Identify and book a venue
    • consider travel & parking
    • consider power & internet access
    • consider accommodation (if major event)
    • consider volunteer availability
  • Finalise the date
  • Prepare a risk assessment (add to https://studentrobotics.org/risk-assessments/)


  • Event page on the website

    • directions to the venue and/or map
    • parking at the venue (maybe show on map)
    • map of the venue itself (if major event)
    • event schedule
    • where to get food
  • Blog post on the website (if major event)

  • Email to attendees
  • Post in Slack (if volunteers)
  • Post in Discord (if teams)
  • Post on social media