Requesting infrastructure

This page details the process for requesting new infrastructure. This aims to be as lightweight as possible, while capturing all the information that's needed.

Unless otherwise noted, the way to request things is to contact the Infrastructure Team by starting a new conversation thread in the #infrastructure channel in Slack. Please ping @infrastructure-committee to ensure that your message is seen.

In general you can expect a response within a couple of days (often much sooner), though note that the team may not always be able to act on your request for some time.

Requests for new infrastructure must be made by (or confirmed by) members of a Team Committee.

Where infrastructure requests would incur additional spending (for example a new machine from Mythic Beasts), you must include a reference to the line in the Team's budget to which that spending would relate.

Container hosting

In the future the Infrastructure Team hope to offer a shared hosting platform for small services. These services will need to be provided as Docker containers, however the exact details (both technical and budgetary) of this setup have not yet been worked out.

For now we encourage the use of containers for ease of deployment and the Infrastructure Team can help in running the host machine, but note that you will need to budget for your own machine for the containers to run on.

Think of this as the "contact our Sales team for pricing" option where the other items listed here are much more "off the shelf" offerings, so please allow for some discussion around how container hosting will work when planning your services.


When requesting changes related to GitHub, please include the GitHub username of the users affected (if applicable) as well as the names of any teams or repos those people will need access to.

Note that in general you are encouraged to add individuals to teams and grant teams access to repos (rather than adding individuals to repos) as this makes it easier to maintain consistency.


For new accounts please include:

  • the full (first & last) name of the volunteer
  • their existing email address (if the volunteer is in slack already then please mention their username and we'll use the email address they use for Slack; otherwise prefer to directly messaging this once you have a response rather than including this in a public Slack message)
  • any email groups they should be part of which are not self service (all volunteers are always added to the "Volunteers" group)

Once the volunteer has an account they will be asked to add other details to their account for the charity's records.

Mythic Beasts

Mythic Beasts are a hosting provider.

For new resources please include in your request:

  • Kind of resource (VM, bare metal, DNS entry, etc.)
  • Level of urgency
  • Spec level (please use Mythic's order forms to determine what you want and use their terminology when making requests)
  • Expected cost (as a check to help ensure the right options are selected)
  • Purpose/name
  • Operating System (typically we prefer an Ubuntu LTS)
  • SSH keys for bootstrap access (or where to get them)
  • Team budget line the resource relates to (if it has cost)

Please be aware that:

  • it is your responsibility to manage the resource, including using a suitable configuration management solution
  • the Infrastructure Team will retain access to the resource
  • the Infrastructure Team will initially setup the resource in a secure manner and provide guidance on how to keep it that way, however it is your responsibility to ensure that the resource remains secure

On Call availability

It is expected that during some events within the competition calendar there will be a need for members of the Infrastructure Team to be available to quickly respond to any infrastructure issues.

See On Call availability for more details of what this is.

Please include:

  • what the event is (Competition, Kickstart, etc.)
  • the dates and times of the event
  • the location of the event
  • which services or infrastructure you're expecting to depend upon
  • whether you expect it will be necessary for the volunteers to attend in person

It may be the case that members of the Infrastructure Team who are on call will also volunteer at the event in other roles. When planning the staffing you should consider the need for those individuals to step away from other roles should an infrastructure incident occur.