Infrastructure Operations

This page summarises the service level objectives of the Infrastructure Team.

In general the Infrastructure Team expect to be able to respond to any issues within a couple of days and to have acted on any issues or requests within a week. Where possible the team aims to respond much faster than this, however the time frame outlined here reflects the volunteer nature of the team.

See Requesting Infrastructure for an overview of how to request infrastructure from the Infrastructure Team.

On Call availability

It is expected that during some events within the competition calendar the response time described above will be insufficient. To accommodate this, Teams may request that the Infrastructure Team arrange for "on call" availability for their event.

On call times can cover the duration of the event, plus a few hours either side, with the exact details being agreed ahead of time. (For example at the Competition, this would be likely to cover the time in the venue plus some buffer but not overnight).

On call availability may be requested up to a month ahead of any event, though the Infrastructure Team does not guarantee that it will always be able to support every event.

To request on call availability for an event, please follow the same process as for requesting other infrastructure.