It's important that volunteers stay nourished and hydrated, which can be difficult for those in roles which don't allow them to move. (Don't give refreshments to competitors).

In SR2023, the refreshments are in the Volunteer Rest room, which is on level 2 past the toilets and to the left. Also water points are on both level 2 and 3 in the corner furthest from the toilets.

It is the responsibility of the refreshments role to offer refreshments to all volunteers, especially those who can't leave their roles.

To do this, you should grab a tray, fill it with a mix of drinks and food, and go to all volunteer positions, offering refreshments. Please also fill some cups with water from a nearby water fountain, and brew coffee/tea if available.

People at these locations usually can't leave their posts to fetch refreshments for themselves, so it is important to take refreshments to them regularly:

  • Tech desks
  • Reception
  • Helpdesk
  • Arena, both on the ground and on the balcony

There will also be volunteers broadcasting a livestream, in SR2023 they will be on the balcony. It's best not to interrupt these people, but please ensure they have biscuits and water within arms reach. Don't put water on the same desk as the tech deck to avoid spillages.

Make sure you visit volunteers on the cube floor, in addition to those on the balcony, they were often forgotten last year!

When you've visited everyone, you can leave a tray on the stage or next to helpdesk.

Immediately after Lunch

If your role is after lunch, it's very important to make sure everyone has had the time to eat food. If they haven't eaten and don't seem like they have the time to, give them a sandwich from our emergency sandwich supply.

Running low on refreshments

If we're running low on refreshments, it's your responsibility to make sure someone gets more from the nearby shops. Find someone or speak to the Event Coordinator to find someone who is free to go get more. There should be cash by the refreshment storage for you to buy more. It's intended to last for the whole competition, so do not spend it all. If the money has ran out, please speak to the Event Coordinator.

The nearest food shop for SR2023 is the Sainsbury's Local on Burgess road:

Items we should keep in constant supply:

  • Hot drink facilities (if we have hot drinks cups)
    • Coffee
    • Tea
    • Milk
  • Plastic tumblers
  • Soft drinks
  • Fruit
  • Biscuits