Pit rules

Welcome to Student Robotics 2019!

Pit Rules and Guidance

The following rules must be observed at all times in the pits:

  1. No battery charging. You must hand over your battery charger and spare batteries at reception. During the competition, visit Helpdesk (on the bottom floor, see map) to swap a discharged battery for a charged one.
  2. No powered tools outside of the power tools area on the bottom floor (such as drills, soldering irons, etc.). Power tools should only be used in the downstairs area.
  3. Keep your robot in your pit when possible – we may need to find you quickly.
  4. Please avoid blocking or restricting aisles through pits.
  5. Please refrain from running any wireless access points. If the provided network infrastructure isn't enough for teams, this issue should be raised to helpdesk.
  6. Only sealed food and drinks should be consumed in the pits area.