Pit Manager

This is the Pit Manager's documentation. The Pit Manager is responsible for constructing and de-constructing the pits at the competition.


The following tasks are generally applicable from one year to the next. As the responsibilities of the role change these tasks should be updated to suit.

Pre-competition (in no particular order):

  • Specify the following and communicate requirements to the Production Manager, who will handle hire:
    • Power equipment.
    • Tables and chairs.
  • Specify and order tape. A non-exhaustive list:
    • Black gaffer tape for pit flags and other misc uses.
    • White gaffer tape for pit flags and other misc uses.

Setup (roughly in time order):

  • Mark out the pit boundaries
  • Place the pit tables and chairs
  • Assemble pit flags
  • Attach pit flags to desks (following map)
  • Attach pit sheets to desks

Year Specific Documentation

The above tasks are vague descriptions of what needs to be done. Details documentation for each year can be found on the relevant page:


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