Initial tasks for Team Coordinator

  • Decide on deadline for application forms for team leaders to enter a team (this should probably be about a month before the planned date for the Kickstart), useful to include date of Kickstart.

  • Recruit Local Team Coordinators in a variety of geographical locations, aiming for not more than 10 teams per LTC.

  • Produce Google Form Team Applications for capturing following info:

    • Team Leader Name
    • To confirm that Team Leader is over 18.
    • Team Leader Email address
    • Phone number
    • Organisation
    • Address
    • Number of team members
  • Google Form Application Form needs to be put on website, via PR, to collect the following information for potential team leaders to register their interest in entering a team in the competition.

  • Google Form also emailed to ‘Potential Team Leader’ list in MailChimp, to enter info on application form. This should be around the start of the autumn term and well before the application deadline.

  • ‘Prompt for applications’ email sent via MailChimp one week before deadline.
  • ‘Last reminder to enter’ email sent via MailChimp 3 days before deadline.

Once deadline reached

  • Need to change website (email PR) to reflect now ‘registering interest’ if a space becomes available or for future competitions. So when click on COMPETE button on website, registers interest for next year.
  • To say at top: have to be over 18 then relevant info – name, email address, organization, confirm that they’re over 18, which feeds into Potential Team Leaders MailChimp list.


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