Venue Requirements

The venue that the competition is held in must meet certain requirements, all of which are described in this page.

Space Requirements

The venue must feature enough space for:

  • The arenas
  • Match spectators
  • Staging area
  • Score entry
  • Pits
  • Reception.
  • Team support
  • Battery charging
  • Network admin

The venue should be relatively easy to get to by public transport. In general this means that there is a train station nearby.

Parking Requirements

There must be sufficient parking for the event attendees. Many of the teams will turn up in minibuses, so there should be at least enough parking for a minibus per team in addition to a reasonable amount of car parking spaces.

Toilet Requirements

The venue must feature enough toilet facilities for the attendees.

Heating Requirements

The venue must feature heating to ensure it is a comfortable temperature.

Power Requirements

The venue needs to provide enough "big mains" power outlets so that power can be distributed to the following:

  • Arenas (lighting and sound)
  • Pits
  • Network infrastructure
  • Battery charging
  • Pits
  • Reception
  • Staging area
  • Team support area

Note that the venue itself doesn't need to do the power distribution, as a production company can do that.

Internet Requirements

All of the attendees to the competition require internet access, preferably just through WiFi. This means that the venue must have an internet connection with high enough bandwidth to support this.

If live video streams are to be uploaded from the venue then this internet connection must feature suitable upload bandwidth.

Stage lighting and sound fittings

The arenas at the event need to be well lit, so it must be possible to fit some stage lighting to the ceiling above where the areas will be situated. The venue must either have a pre-fitted truss on the ceiling for this purpose, or it must be possible to mount a truss on the ceiling.


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