Roving Helper

A Roving Helper is a volunteer who wanders around the pit areas to assist teams with quick and simple problems. If an issue cannot be easily resolved then a ticket should be opened. Ideally, a Roving Helper has some experience with Student Robotics kit, but this is not essential. In most cases good knowledge of the Docs and Rules will suffice. Every volunteer acting as a Roving Helper should regularly (at least every 30 mins) check in with helpdesk to see if any teams need help and are not being attended to. This can be done by the roving helper if they have access to the helpdesk system.

A Roving Helper may be requested, by Helpdesk, to investigate a particular issue a team is having / ticket. This will most likely involve working through the problem with the team in their pit. In some cases it might involve observing and aiding a team over the period of a couple of matches to help them solve particularly obscure issues.

When idle, roving helpers can wait around at the helpdesk until there are teams in need of help.


  • Regularly check in with helpdesk to report team progress and any issues.
  • Report any team issues and updates to the ticketing system if necessary, or ask a helpdesker to do so.
  • Roving Helpers should be in the pits, test arena, at helpdesk or with teams in another area of the venue.


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