We use a few calendars to organise events, both public and private.

Volunteer Calendar

We use a Google calendar to track events relevant to volunteers. It is implied that if the event is in this shared calendar, any volunteer is welcome to attend, even if just to sit in and observe. If this is not the case, use a private event and just invite those required.

Creating events

To create events in the calendar, ensure you have the correct permissions (all committee members should have this).

Creating and customizing the event should be the same as any other Google Calendar, just make sure to add the event to the right calendar.

If the event is intended to have people attend (most probably are), be sure to invite the correct people / group. Committees and teams have their own email aliases. This allows individuals to RSVP to the events they intend to attend, as well as notifying them about the event itself.

If the event is "attend if you're interested" as opposed to something specific people are encouraged to attend, leave them off the invite. This is mostly useful for the all volunteers email address.


Our website emits a calendar feed, which can be used to keep track of public events in the competition programme.

To add this feed to your calendar, subscribe to the following URL: